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Mirror Care is the only platform that enables you to self-administer neurotox at home under the care and guidance of a licensed physician. Our professional staff will be there to guide you every step of the way.

The provider's guidance was an effective as going into the office, and I saved so much time I could get my typical daily routine in. I love it, and I'll definitely be doing it again!

Samantha A.

My treatment couldn’t have gone any better. I was definitely nervous at the beginning of the treatment, but after the initial injection I felt extremely comfortable and confident.

Erica L.

The treatment was so easy and the directions were straightforward. The follow up and the help from the team ensures you won’t make a mistake. One of the best experiences I have had and my results are what I expected!

Cheryl M.

My treatment went fantastic!! I was nervous about doing it myself prior to watching the instructional videos, but they were very informative and easy to understand. It was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE AND I WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE I KNOW!!

David B.

It really was so much easier than I expected! I was amazed at how well the numbing pad worked. I have had neurotox before and really felt no discomfort when doing my own injections!

Roz L.

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Scheduling Around You

You can schedule your appointments based on time or based on the Provider of your choice. If you have somebody that you like to work with, then grab a spot on their calendar. If timing is most important to you, get a list of the Providers that match your scheduling needs. Getting neurotox treatments have never been easier! Learn more about how it works.

The fact that I can do it at my own home is brilliant, especially with my schedule.

Samantha A.Mirror Care Customer


Fully HIPAA Compliant

Privacy is paramount to you being comfortably treated how you want and is maintained via our secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.

Being able to receive my treatment in the privacy of my own home is fantastic...I wish my other doctor appointments could be like this!

Jean K.Mirror Care Customer
Our expert Providers will guide you through the consultation and treatment making sure that your comfort is their priority


Guided by Physicians

Your safety is our focus. That’s why Mirror Care was created – to enhance your quality of care, to improve your privacy, and to increase your access while ensuring your safety throughout your experience.

I felt extremely comfortable as my doctor walked me through the steps.

Kelly C.Mirror Care Customer


Individualized Treatment

We give Providers the tools to personalize your Treatment Plan. Everybody is different, and we allow and encourage Providers to adjust your Treatment Plan to meet your needs when using neurotox at home.

I was a little nervous at first..., but those nerves quickly subsided with the thorough instruction by my provider.

Theresa L.Mirror Care Customer
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