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Is Mirror Care available in my state?

Our system requires that Providers are licensed to practice medicine in the state in which you live. We are currently operating in Florida and Illinois, and are expanding into other states rapidly. Sign up with your email on our homepage for updates and we’ll reach out to you when we’re live in your state!

Which areas can I treat using Mirror Care?

Right now you can treat your eye lines (crow’s feet), brow, and forehead through Mirror Care. Additional details on these areas and the treatments we offer can be found on our treatment page.

Is Mirror Care safe?

Safety is why we created Mirror Care and it is our primary focus. We take numerous precautions to ensure that you have a safe experience, and we encourage you to review our safety page for details. Most importantly, you will be guided by an expert provider the entire time to make sure that your experience is safe and your results are great!

We know that safety is a concern. We’ve put together a short video that will put any concerns to rest.

Does the treatment hurt?

Mirror Care provides lidocaine patches in your Mirror Care Kit to minimize the typical pain associated with needle injections. Each injection site uses a single, new syringe, which means that the needle does not dull with multiple injections and become more painful (as it would in an in-office treatment). Many customers claim to experience little to no pain.

How much will it cost?

The per unit price can be found on our treatment page. We provide estimates for your overall treatment cost during scheduling, but the final cost for your treatment depends upon the specific treatment plan you develop with your Provider. Your treatment plan, and therefore the final treatment cost, requires your approval.

How do I schedule an appointment?

First, you will need to create an account. Once your account is approved, you will be able to schedule an appointment using the “Schedule” link inside the platform.

Here’s a short video about how to schedule.

At what times can I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment at whatever time is convenient for you! As long as there is a provider available, you can schedule during those free time slots, whether it’s 2 a.m., 2 p.m., nights, weekends…Mirror Care is designed to fit your busy calendar.

What do I do if I need to change/cancel my appointments?

Reach out to us at and we would be happy to assist you with your appointment.

Will I be charged for a canceled appointment?

You will not be charged for a canceled consultation if you provide us with notice at least one hour before your scheduled appointment time. Please let us know at as soon as possible if you must cancel your consultation.

Do I need to open my Mirror Care Kit immediately upon receipt?

Yes, you should open your personalized Mirror Care Kit immediately and place the bag marked Refrigerate, which contains your neurotox, into your refrigerator. The agent must be kept refrigerated until your treatment or it will spoil. Do not leave your agent in the Mirror Care Kit. Remember to follow all pre-treatment instructions as described on the Mirror Care website and in your instructional videos.

Do I need to remove any makeup? How much?

All makeup needs to be removed prior to your treatment and the treatment area(s) should be cleansed to minimize the potential for a skin infection. Additionally, the treatment area(s) should be cleansed before placing on the lidocaine patches.

Can I self-administer my neurotox without my Provider present?

Never self-administer the neurotox outside of the direct supervision, observation, and guidance of your Provider live on Mirror Care. Any use of the neurotox other than as directed by your Provider is a violation of our Terms and Conditions, and will result in suspension of your Mirror Care account.

How will I know where to inject?

Your Provider will direct you through the entire treatment and guide you to place a dot for each desired injection location using the marker included in the Mirror Care Kit. Your Provider will know exactly where you require injections based upon the treatment plan developed during your consultation.

After I complete my treatment, how do I return the Mirror Care Kit?

A return label has been preprinted and included in the Mirror Care Kit. This label should remain in the box until you are ready to return the kit. Once your treatment has completed, place the items to be returned (e.g., syringe cases) into the box, tape it closed, and place the return label on the box. Remember to remove or cover any previous address stickers. The Mirror Care Kit can be taken to your local post office or given to your mail carrier for return to Mirror Care.

When will I begin to see results from my neurotox treatment?

Your individual response time to a neurotox treatment will be unique; however, you may begin seeing initial results within a few days. The optimal results may not be observed for at least 14 days, and sometimes longer. Please remember to follow the post-treatment instructions and guidance from your provider to enhance your results.

We’ve put together a short video so you know what to expect with your neurotox results.

I just received treatment and my initial results appear uneven. Is this normal?

The optimal results for a neurotox treatment may take at least 14 days, and sometimes longer. During this period, some treated areas can start to relax faster than other treated areas, which could result in unevenness. It is important to wait at least 14 days to allow the neurotox to take full effect, but you can always reach out to us  at with questions. We are committed to making sure you are happy with your results!

What should I do in an emergency?

Please call 911 immediately in an emergency.

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