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Confidence is everything

Take control

Like so much of our lives, we typically have a level of control over it.

Want to get stronger? Hit the gym.

Want to lose weight? Adjust your diet.

So, why do we just assume that there is nothing that can be done when we get older and don’t have the hormone levels of our younger selves. There is, and we can.

While diminished libido and erectile dysfunction can happen at any age, about 30% of men between the ages of 60-70 have low testosterone. This diminished drive can lead to a loss of confidence, which can put a strain on your relationship. Sometimes depression can follow. This doesn’t have to be an eventuality.

Hormone Optimization with BHRT can be a way to get back your confidence and your libido. It all starts with a free consultation.

Hormones are the key

Almost every aspect of getting older is influenced by the hormones in our bodies. As we get older, not only does the amount of hormones that our bodies produce decrease, but the cellular receptor sites become less sensitive to stimulation by hormones.

When a blood test reports that your hormones are at a normal level, what they’re really saying is that your hormones are at a normal level for your age. Just because these levels are at a normal level, doesn’t mean those levels are optimal for your body.

What is BHRT?

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Hormone Series (Part 2): Testosterone

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Testosterone has many health benefits beyond libido, including decreased fat, increased muscle mass, improved metabolism...

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