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We know that our hormones, and changes in hormone levels, influence many biological functions in our bodies. For example, we’ve written about how hormones affect our hair and dental health. Did you know that our skin, which plays a vital role in protecting us, is heavily influenced by our hormones?

Hormones are secreted by specialized cells in the body called endocrine glands, and our skin is sometimes referred to as a peripheral endocrine gland. Studies have shown that estrogen appears to aid in the prevention of skin aging by increasing skin collagen content, which helps to maintain skin thickness. Changes in progesterone and estrogen control blood flow to our skin, which impacts body temperature, oxygen to our cells, and can result in healthier skin that is more easily able to fight off bacteria and infections. The primary sex hormones estrogen and testosterone (known as androgens) have been shown to modulate epidermal and dermal thickness and impact key skin functions such as wound healing, hair growth, and maintenance and repair of various epidermal tissues (epidermal barrier homeostasis).

As hormone levels drop for women and men, particularly during menopause and andropause respectively, maintaining healthy skin is typically treated with topical products. While these products are helpful in restoring moisture into the skin, boosting collagen renewal, and protecting against the elements, these products do not address the underlying hormone imbalances that occur as we age.

The use of bioidentical hormones can help replenish your body of the hormones it needs, such as DHEA, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, to improve the fundamental factors that keep your skin healthy, youthful, and highly functioning to do what it does best: protect you. Furthermore, by combining a daily skin care routine and natural products with a treatment to address hormone imbalance, you can address the underlying and exterior components that negatively impact your skin, and be on your way to healthier, happier you!