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Why create Mirror Care?

There is no question that telehealth is here to stay. Millions of telehealth interactions are occurring every month and the benefits for patients, providers, and our healthcare system are undeniable. As individuals become more comfortable with telehealth, their desire to receive health care treatments where they live, on their time, at their homes, increases drastically.

This is why we created Mirror Care – to bring health care to you.

Over the next decade, virtual healthcare will become commonplace. Patients will be guided through non-urgent medical treatments at home and become active participants in their health. The traditional healthcare delivery model will be forever changed for the better.

We launched Mirror Care to lead this change and transform health care by empowering you to take control of your health and well-being. What should you expect? Initially, this new model will challenge the rigidity of the Iron Triangle of Health Care.

Iron Triangle of Health Care

The Iron Triangle of Health Care is a deeply rooted concept in medical care. It contends that the issues of quality, access, and cost are in constant competition with each other. The belief is that you cannot have them all (high quality, increased access, and low cost); instead, you must sacrifice at least one. If you improve the quality, the access decreases or the costs rise. If you reduce the cost, you may increase access, but the quality is lowered.

The traditional healthcare delivery model does not create a system in which these issues flow, and are resolved, together. Additionally, there is little consideration for the individual patient input, which we characterize as a fourth issue in the Iron Triangle: choice. Ultimately, solving for these four issues without sacrificing one of them is nearly impossible.

We are mission driven

The key phrase is “nearly impossible” – these are the types of challenges we love to solve. We believe that by bringing health care to you, at your home, so that you can self-administer treatments while guided by expert providers, we can shatter the Iron Triangle. We can increase quality by offering you the best providers across the country. We can increase access by removing transportation barriers and connecting you with these providers anywhere, particularly in existing care deserts. We can lower costs by eliminating the reliance on traditional healthcare infrastructure (e.g., offices). We can offer you increased choices to select whichever treatment and health care provider you prefer, and we can make you a factor in the process of your own health care.

This is our mission: to create a better healthcare system and to improve health for all.

Supporting complementary missions

There are many organizations like us working tirelessly to create a healthier society, and we believe it is vitally important to collaborate toward this goal. That is why we are proud to support HealthWell Foundation and their mission to help the underinsured afford critical medical treatments. As Mirror Care grows, we will expand our ongoing support for this lifesaving organization and continue to pay it forward.

We are Mirror Care

This is Mirror Care. We are not just a neurotox at home company, a cosmetics company, or a telehealth company. We are not defined by a single treatment or focused on a narrow patient group. We are a healthcare company with a mission: to bring health care to you.

Send us your thoughts, your feedback, and your reflections. We are excited to join with you as we revolutionize health care together.