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Mirror Care’s Training Experience

When we designed the experience we wanted for Mirror Care, we knew that training was going to be a necessary part. After all, how can you be more involved in your healthcare if you’re not well informed? 

Training to us means that there are no surprises for you when you are talking with a physician about your treatment and how you will receive care. Mirror Care training is a 2-step process. First, there is a short video to watch. Second, there is a brief quiz to reinforce the video concepts. The quizzes are multiple choice or true/false questions, and there may be multiple videos/quizzes to complete before the session with your physician.

There are no “trick” questions. We simply want you to be fully prepared and knowledgeable for the best treatment session with your physician! And you can always go back and review the training videos prior to the session, just in case. 

Training Updates

We’ve gathered a ton of feedback from customers on our training process, and while they love the information they get from training, it wasn’t always clear how to access it. So, we’ve made some visual and workflow changes to make it easier for you. 

Some of the changes you’ll notice include being sent right to your training dashboard after you schedule your appointment. You’ll see new, larger buttons on your main dashboard (see below) to access your training, and your training dashboard will have clearer language about which trainings you’ve completed, and which you still have to take. Also, while most trainings take ~5 minutes, we’ve added time estimates for each training module so that you’ll know how long it typically takes to complete a given module!

These changes are going live this week, and I’m excited for you to see them! Have feedback on these new screens or other parts of Mirror Care? Reach out to us any time – we love to hear from you as we continue improving your Mirror Care experience.